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Yuansheng Zhang


This work contains two parts:(1)A charge curve equation having no appro_ximation for passivated metal corrosion systems is derived and compared with the routine charge curve equation,which is virtual only when the polarization is minim(linear range)(2)It is simpler to analyze charge curve data by from of charge differential equation than from charge curve equation.After the charge curve data are measured,the slope of charge curve is computed by numerical differentiation method,then the charge differential equation may be transformed to a set of linear equations using polynomial approximation.The electrochemical parameters of corrosion system would be calculated out from this set of linear equations using regression analysis.The advantage of this method is that there is no restriction of "linear range" and corrosion current density may be gained directly.


Corrosion rate, Passive metal, Charge curve analysis, Computer program

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1   Jons D A, Greene N D. Electroche mical m easure m ent of lo w corrosion rates Corrocion ,1966 ,22(7) :198 2   Aragon p J, Hullbert S F. Use of charge curve analysis technique for In Vivo deter mination of corrosion rates . Corrosion ,1 974 ,30(12) :4 32 3  宋 诗蜇.腐 蚀电化学 研究方法 .北京:化 学工业 出版社,1988 :12 6 4 ?楚南.腐 蚀电化学 原理.北 京:化学工 业出版 社,1 985 :196 5  徐  坚,戴 新民,夏再 筑.腐蚀 金属学及 耐腐蚀 金属材料 .杭州:浙 江科学 技术出版 社,1 981 :254 6  清 华大学, 北京大学《计算方 法》编写组 .计算方 法( 上) .北 京:科学 出版社 ,1981 :4 5



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