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Hongfan Zhu


The bronze is the treasure in chinese metallic antique, which was typified by product in Shang_Zhou period (three thousands years ago). Because of corrosion, archaeological messages,such as inscription and pattern on the surface of bronze, would be damaged then the value of bronze antique decreased. The bronze disease is a common disease which forms powdery rust on the surface of bronze in atmospheric environment, the powdery rust emerge from under incrusted rust, then spreads, and eventually leads to bronze damaged. This paper investigates the bronze disease. According to the chemical and electrochemical tests in simulated occluded cell, the variation in concentration of hydrogen and chlorid ions in the occluded cavity result in corrosion of bronze by the theory of pitting corrosion. This paper proposes the formation mechanism of bronze disease and seek the treatment methods according with the damands of conservation.


Bronze disease, Occluded cell, Conservation, Pitting corrosion

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