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Yunhui Yunhui


The effects of thiourea and its derivate on the electrodeposition of copper from the dilute acid sulphate solutions have been studied by using potential sweep techniques at quasisteady state. Limiting current densities( I d),exchange current densities( i 0) and αn are obtained by data processing with the least square method.Thiourea has a depolarizing effect on the copper depositing at concentrations below 8 mg·L -1 ,and a polarizing effect at higher concentration (>10 mg·L -1 ),and it changes the mechanism of copper deposition reaction.Propenyltiourea and Phenylthiourea have a depolarizing effect on the copper depositing,but the mechanism of copper deposition reaction is not changed.XRD results indicate with increasing thiourea concentration the predominant oriedthation of copper deposition from (220) to (111).


Thiourea, Derivate, Copper deposition, Mechanism, Texture

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