Congsheng Guan


The Potential for the electrochemical synthesis of FeS electrode has been obtained by cyclic voltammetry.FeS electrodes were synthesiaed by controlling Fe electrode at -1.0 V in LiCl_KCl_Li 2S and Li(FClI)_Li 2S melts and their behavior were measured also.The FeS electrode synthesized in molten Li(FClI)_Li 2S has the best charge and discharge properties.

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1   Fu ng Y S, In m an D, White S H. Studies of the kinetics of lithiu m_alu miniu m electrode in Li Cl_ K Cl by linearsw eep volta m m etry , J.of Appl . Electroche m .,1982(2) :669 ~679 2  段 淑真,管 从胜,石青 荣,王新 东. Li Cl_ K Cl 熔盐中 锂在铝 电极上的 电极过 程,电化学 ,199 8(2) :205 ~2 09 3   Guan Congsheng , Duan Shuzhen , Zhao Guang w en , Wang Xindong . Kinetice of the deposition of lithiu m on aluminiu m electrode , J.of University of Science and Technology Beijing ,1 995(2) :131 ~135 4  管 从胜, 段淑 真,方 百增 ,王新 东, 苑联 雨.镍 在硫 化锂 饱和 Li Cl_ K Cl 熔盐 中的 氧化 行为 ,北京 科技 大 学学报 ,1996 (1) :73 ~775   Martins A Z, To m czuk Z. Argornne National Laboratory Report ,1977 , A N L_17_17 :45 ~55



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