Corresponding Author

Kuanhong b Xue;
Zhongqun a Tian


Two_dimensional arrays of Cu and Au nanowires have been fabricated by template synthesis method, using the anodic aluminum oxidation films as the template. The morphology of the nanowire array was monitored by atomic force microscope (AFM) in the dissolution processes of the alumina film. Based on the probe molecule strategy, the spectral feature of SCN - adsorbed at the Cu and Au nanowires with different diameters has been investigated by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). The results reveal that the intensity of the SERS bands depends on the length of the exposed nanowires. The C≡N stretching vibration frequency (ν CN ) of SCN - up_shifted significantly with the increase of the diameter of the nanowires in the range of 15 nm to 50 nm. This interesting phenomenon is briefly discussed.


Nanowires, SERS, AFM, SCN -, Cu

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