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Huixia Wu


Two Ce(Ⅲ)_amino acid_imidazole teranry complexe were synthesized,These complexes have the composition of Ce(Trp) 3IM(NO 3) 3·3H 2O and Ce(Phe) 3IM(NO 3) 3 respectively. The IR spectra indicate that the carboxy group of amino_acid and the N atoms of imidazole are coordinated with Ce(Ⅲ) ion.Cyclic voltammetry was used to study the electrochemical behaviour of Ce(Ⅲ) ion,the mixture of Ce(Ⅲ) with ligands,and Ce(Ⅲ) binary or ternary complexes. Within the scan range of -0.1 to 1.10 V (vs.SCE),both of ternary complexes depicted completely irreversible electron transfer process.


Ce(Ⅲ), Ternary complex, Electrochemical behaviour

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1 Geary WJ,Coord.Chem .Rev.,1971 ,7 :81 2 吴集贵,邓汝温,王流芳,于明.稀土与三种氨基酸的固态络合物研究.兰州大学学报( 自然科学版) ,1984 ,20(3) :69 3 Wayda A L,Kaplan M L,Lyons A M,Rogers R D.Mixed_ligand imidazole complexes oforganolanthaides.Polyhedron,1990 ,9(5) :751 4 何水样,宋迪生,郭爱莲.稀土与氨基酸固体配合物的合成及生物活性研究.中国稀土学报,1995 ,13(4) :368



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