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DaoBao Chu


Titanium alkoxides were prepared by anodic dissolution of metallic titanium in absolute ethanol in the presence of HN(C 2H 5) 2·HCl (electro_conductive additives).The solution was directly hydrolyzed to prepare nanocrystalline of TiO 2 (about 10nm)by a sol_gel process.The precursor gels was calcined at T =450 ℃ and 720 ℃for 30 min,and nanocrystalline of TiO 2 (anatase) with high textural and thermal stability was obtained.FTIR,XRD,TEM,were used to characterize the structure of titanium alkoxides and nanocrystalline of TiO 2.The characteristics of nanocrystalline of TiO 2 was depended on the properties of titanium alkoxides.The Ti(OEt) 4 as a source of titanium yielded the best textural and thermal stability nanocrystalline of TiO 2.


Electrosynthesis, Titanium alkoxides, Nanocrystalline TiO 2, Sol_gel process

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