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Jun Gu


In fuel cells,the structure of electrodes is an important factor which effect the cell performance.To improve the structure and the performance of electrodes,a new method of providing fuel cell electrodes is proposed in this paper.PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) and ethyne black was ground for about half an hour in a high_speed grinder,then the catalyst was added into the grinder and milled for an hour.This milled catalyst was transferred into a mixer followed by the addition of surface_active agent. After a suspension was formed,it was filtered under vacuum condition.Then a thin uniform filter_cake of the catalyst was formed,which was rolled together with a current_collecting mesh and a gas_ventilating film. Finally,the gas_difusion electrode of fuel cells was obtanied.The polarization property of the hydrogen electrode has been measured,where the Hg/HgO was used as reference electrode.And the effect of hydrophobic ethyne black and PTFE on electrodes in fuel cells was investigated.


Fuel cell, Gas_diffusion electrode, Polarization

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