Ir_Ta_Ti metal oxide coated titanium anodes of variable composition were prepared by thermal decomposition. Their micro morphorogies and electrochemical properties were characterized by scanning electron microscope, open circuit potential, cyclic voltammetry, consumption rate measurements and accelerated life test. The SEM results indicated that all coatings were of a porous and cracked_mud microstructure influenced greatly by the composition of coatings. The electrochemical measurements showed that the Ir_Ta_Ti ternary oxide_coated anodes exhibited excellent electrochemical activity and electrochemical stability in both acidic media and seawater which were affected by the composition and microstructure of the coatings. Owing to good corrosion resistance and low consumption rate in seawater, metal oxde coated anodes belong to insoluble material, and can be potentially applid in impressed current cathodic protection systems as an anode.

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