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Shi_gang SUN


The adsorption of CO on electrodes of nanometer thin films of transition metals (Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru) and alloys (PtPd, PtRu) prepared under cyclic voltammetric conditions has been studied by in situ FTIR spectroscopy. The abnormal infrared effects (AIREs) have been explored as a novel and general phenomenon. The AIREs consist mainly in the inversion of the direction of IR band and the significant enhancement of IR absorption by adsorbed CO species. It was revealed that the enhanced IR absoroption of adsorbed species in AIREs depends strongly on the nature of metal or alloy, and on the structure and the thickness of the thin film. The investigation of AIREs will contribute not only to develop the theory of reflectance IR spectroscopy as well as interfacial electrochemistry, but also to increase the determining sensitivity in applications of interfacial and surface analysis.


Electrodes of nanometer thin film, Adsorption of CO, Abnormal infrared effects, in situ FTIRS

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