The positive and negative pastes were prepared by mixing PbCO 3 and H 2SO 4 solution as well as relative additives, respectively. The effects of the various formation methods and the charge/discharge conditions on discharge capacity and active material utilization of both electrodes were examined. The results indicate that the performance of the positive electrode formed at 2.0 mA/cm 2 is better than that formed at higher current density under the same charge/discharge condition, the PAM utilization reaches 74.4 % under discharging at 2.0 mA/cm 2; and the property of the negative electrode formed by unsymmetrical square wave is superior to that formed by constant current when using the same density, the AM utilization of the former is more than 90 % under discharging at 2.0 mA/cm 2. Moreover, the discharge behavior of a lead/acid battery composed of the above positive and negative electrodes was discussed.

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