The Chronoamperometry of powder spherical Ni(OH) 2 microelectrode was used to study the proton diffusion coefficients of Ni(OH) 2. The proton diffusion coeefficients and the apparent diffusion active energy in anode and cathode processes at different temperature were obtained. Compared with pure Ni(OH) 2, the apparent diffusion active energy( E a) of Ni(OH) 2 doped with Co and Co+Zn was decreased and the diffusion constant( D o) was increased in the anode and the cathode processes, respectively, the effect of Co was greater. In contrast, for Ni(OH) 2 doped with Zn, its E a was increased and D o was decreased. Therefore, it was concluded that the reaction activity of Ni(OH) 2 electrode doped by Co was enhanced due to the reduction of proton diffusion resistance, while the reaction activity of electrode doped by Zn was weakened due to the increase of proton diffusion resistance.

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