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Hong_ying Yu


By investigating the polarization curves of pure Ni P alloy,Ni P alloy coation and carbon steel in nitric acids with different concentrations,the sutable concentration of nitric acid for the evaluation of the porosity of Ni P alloy coatings has been determined and the coatings with different thickness have been evaluated.The results indicated that the nitric acid with 10 wt% concentration is the most suitable solution for the porosity of the coating by using electrochemical method.The polarization curve of Ni P alloy coating in 10% nitric acid can accurately reveal the porosity.With the decrease of the porosity of the coating,the corrosion potential of the coating shifted towards positive direction.Then the ordinary detecion method can only be used in detecting the coating with bigger pores.


Electrochemistry, Porosity, Ni P Alloy, Coating

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[1 ] YuHongying .TheCorrosionmechanisonoftheElectrolessnickel phosphorusalloycoatinginthenitricacid[D].DissertationofMaster .Beijing :UniversityofScienceandTechnologyBeijing ,1 999.3.5 4~ 6 6 .

[2 ] ZhangYandong ,SunDongbai,YuHongying .TheElectrolessPlatingTechniqueofAEN5 40HighPerformanceNi PAlloy[J].Theproceedingof 2 thNationalElectrolessPlatingConference ,1 994.95 1~ 6 2 .



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