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Zhong bai ZHOU


The current popular electrochemical gas sensors are mostly stable with regard to their operating states. As a result, the further improvement of sensor charcateristics is restricted by such a "steady state" . Based on the transient electrochemistry principle, a kind of all new transient electrochemical multi component gas sensors— "pulse potential modulated electrochemical gas sensors" was established by combining computer controlled fast modulated potential technique with microelectrode method.This novel approach provided a real time and dynamic sensor technique integrated with acquisition, treatment and display of signals for rapid simultaneous detecion of multicomponent gases, as illustrated by the case of monitoring of respiratory gases of carbon dioxide and oxygen. In addition,if a smaller sized working microelectrode was used, with proper computation and electrochemical systems the potential pulse duration could be shortened.This would further incease the measured speed, enhance the precision for the detection and detectable upper limit of CO 2 could be increased. As compared with conventional steady electrochemical gas sensors,the pulse potential modulated electrochemical gas sensors have made a new breakthrough in optimizing the sensor preformance and developing the sensor functions.


Pulse potential modulated electrochemical gas sensor, Transient electrochemistry, Microelectrode, Fast Modulated potential technique, Multi component gases

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