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Sheng sian LI


The zinc air battery has advantages of high specific energies and low cost,therefore attracts much interests.However,its application is limited only in prismatic and button type.This paper reported a novel design of cylindrical zinc air batteries and the performances of the batteries tested at various conditions.The results showed that when discharged at the current of 40 mA at 20 °C, the capacity of AA size and AAA size batteries reached 4000mAh and 1400mAh respectively,corresponding to the energy densities 280 Wh/kg and 200 Wh/kg.The effects of the discharge current, temperature and humidity on the performances of the batteries are also discussed.


Air electrode, Zinc air battery, Cylindrical design

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[1 ] AppeltK ,MalanowskiA .CylindricalR 2 0sizeZinc Airprimarcell[J].JofPowerSources ,1 979,4(1 ) :91~95 .

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