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Ai_ling DU


A linear polarization method was applied to measure corrosion rate of reinforcing bar of concrete in situ. Generally in the experiment, the area and shape of the reinforcing bar as a working electrode can be changed and adjusted according to our needs. But polarization area cannot be defined when reinforcing bar is polarized in situ, so that a real R p can't be obtained. Thus the purpose of present work is to improve the measurement system. We used the double_ring auxiliary electrodes made by ourselves. The size of the double_ring auxiliary electrodes was adjusted repeatedly until the real polarization area was equivalent to one of the auxiliary electrodes. Using such an auxiliary electrode to measure R p, we obtained the result that the measurement error of R p is about 2.5%. This result can meet the need of measurement in situ.


Reinforcing bar, Linear polarization, Corrosion rate, Concrete

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