By electrochemical measurements and weight loss experiments, the effect of MoO 4 2- on low alloy steel's electrochemical behaviors was investigated at high temperature in 55%LiBr+0.07 mol/L LiOH solution. The results showed that MoO 4 2- ,as an anodic inhibitor, formed passive film rapidly and impeded both anodic and cathodic procedures. Moreover, Na 2MoO 4 prevented corrosion effectively in 55%LiBr+0.07 mol/L LiOH solution when its concentration is more than 200 mg/L. The pitting potential increased accompanying to the arising of Na 2MoO 4 concentration.Some elements of alloy strengthened resistance to corrosion, shch as chromium and nickel, but aluminum promoted corrosion. Molybdenum participated in forming protecion film. The harmonizing effect between chromium and molybdenum induced steel A to be in passive state in lower Na 2MoO 4 concentration.

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