The influence of interfacial active substance on the electrofusion of barley protoplasts was investigated using fluorescent dextra (F DX) as an anion additive. It was found that fluorescent dextra could inhibit the electrofusion process. The adsorption of fluorescent dextra on the membrane of protoplasts was detected by fluorescent microscopy technique. It was observed that after being stored in a solution containing fluorescent dextra a fluorescent ring appeared on the membrane of the protoplast, reflecting the adsorption of fluorescent dextra. The results of electrophoresis experiment also proved the adsorption of F DX on the surface of protoplasts, because the relative mobility of protoplasts increased in the solution containing F DX. The increase of negative charge on the membrane of protoplasts could increase the repulsion between protoplasts, and therefore inhibit the electrofusion process. The electroporation phenomena were also investigated using fluorescent microscopy technique. It was found that F DX could pass into the inside of protoplasts under an electronic pulse. It proves the presence of pores formed in the elecroporation process.

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