In recent years, the study of photochromic and thermochromic materials has grown because of their possible applications in the optical processing of information, in addition to the scientific interest. Salicylidineaniles is one of the prospective choices owing to their photochromism caused by intramolecular hydrogen transfer [1~3] (Fig.1). It is generally agreed that, in the salicylideneamine system, photoexcitation is followed by a rapid barrierless proton transfer and subsequent rearrangement to form a colored photoproduct [4] . The photochemistry of the system in fluid solution is different from that of the solid, even in fluid solution, the photo? and thermo?chromic behavior is changed with the polarity of solvent [5,6] . Although the study on these Schiff bases has been continuing for several decades, there is no conclusion on the photochromic mechanism and the structure of the photoproduct by now.

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