The study of TiNiCu shape memory alloys(SMA) in Hank's simulated body fluid was carried out.The results showed that narrow passive range was found in acid environment and active anodic dissolution was discovered at 100~150 mV vs SCE on anodic polarization cure of TiNiCu SMA.Temperature had little effect on anodic polarization.With the decrease of pH and the increase of Cl - concentration,pitting corrosion potential ( E b) shifted negatively.The electrochemical capability of TiNiCu SMA was inferior to that of TiNi SMA.Observations by means of XRD and SEM indicate that TiNiCu SMA is not in single crystal structure,which caused irregular electrochemical behavior and might form the original cell,moreover Ti 2Ni intermetallic phase and copper with loose structure rich on surface may accelerate the anodic dissolution of specimens.


Shape memory alloy, Simulated body fluid, Pitting corrosion potential

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