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Jiang LIU(jiangliu@scut.edu.cn)


The possibility of electrodeposition of rare earth alloys from aqueous bath was investigated using varous techniques such as linear potential sweeping, cyclic voltammetry, electrodepositon at constant potential etc. The Ni Ce P alloys with different cerium content were electrodeposited from a weakly acidic solution containing CeCl 3, NaH 2PO 2 and so on the crystal structure and component were characterized by XPS, AES, XRD and SEM observation. The codeposits were found to be more highly corrosion resistent than that of Ni P amorphous alloys by measuring polarization resistance and corrosion potential. The effects of codeposition conditions on the corrosion resistance were discussed. The conclusion is that the codeposition of cerium can signficantly improve corrosion resistance of the Ni Ce P alloys, which increases with increasing the cerium content in the coatings. The codeposition mechanism of Ni Ce P was preliminarily explored; under the existing experimental conditions and based on the results obtained, it is suggested that the codeposition of Ni Ce P is likely to occur by an induced codeposition mechanism.


Ni_Ce_P alloys, Amorphous, Induced codeposition, Polarization resistance, Corrosion potential

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