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Ming_fen WEN


The microstructure and electrochemical properties of Zr 0.9 Ti 0.1 (Ni,Co,Mn,V) 2.1 alloys prepared by both the melt_spinning method and the conventional induction melting were investigated. XRD studies show that Zr 0.9 Ti 0.1 (Ni,Co,Mn,V) 2.1 alloys at as_cast,melt_spinning and annealing are all face center cubic structure with C15 laves phase,the higher the melt_spinning rate,the more the amorphous content.The electrochemical measurements show that melt_spinning alloys have better active behavior,low discharge capacity(<280 mAh/g); but after annealed,the alloys are activated completely with 30 cycles, the capacities about 340 mAh/g are higher than those of as_cast and melt_spinning alloys;the annealec alloys have a better cycle stability than that of as_cast alloy, and the higher the melt_spinning rate is, the more stable the alloy becomes; at 300 mAh/g current density,the capacity of annealed 40 m/s alloy is up to 85% of the maximum capacity after 800 cycles, the capacity decay rate is about 6.9%.


Zr 0.9 Ti 0.1 (Ni, Co, Mn, V) 2.1 alloy, Melt_spinning, XRD, Cycle stability.

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