The effect of LD_2 compound inhibitor developed in our laboratory on its anticorrosion action on the reinforcing steel in concrete immersed in seawater was shown in this paper. The corrosion behavior of the reinforcing steel in seawater was studied using electrochemical techniques and immersion tests. The polarization curve of the reinforcing steel immersed in seawater showed the free corrosion potential of the steel increased by 0.220 V (vs. SCE), and the corrosion current decreased by two orders of magnitude by adding 25 g·L -1 compound inhibitor to the seawater. The potentiodynamic anodic polarization curve of reinforcing steel in the seawater with compound inhibitor exhibited a passive range and the breakdown potential of the steel increased by 0.900 V as against in the seawater without inhibitor. Being immersed in the seawater over 24 months, the surface of the reinforcing steel in concrete with LD_2 compound inhibitor content of 1.0%-1.5% of the cement mass was intact, while pitting corrosion occurred on the surface of the steel in concrete without inhibitor for 6 months. LD_2 compound inhibitor is an effective corrosion inhibitor for steel in concrete in seawater and in those environments contained chloride ions for the above experimental results.

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