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Yong tao ZHAO


The anti corrosion behavior of 907A steel, which were covered with thin inibitor layers in moist air, were simulated, The electrochemical measurements, including EIS method and the coulostatic method, were used to atmospheric corrosion monitor(ACM)under thin inhibitor layers to study the mechanism of rust preventiion. the results shown that the mechanism of inhibiting corrosion was different from the steel immersed in inhibitor solutin, the anodic reaction process under thin inhibitor layers had the advantage over that of cathodic for blocking the speed of corrosion. At the later stage of soaking, the blend feature due to the electrochemical process and the diffuse process, had appeared in the EIS plot. The electrochemical parameters of the film forming under thin inhibitor layers could be got easly by the coulostatic method.


Seawater, Corrosion, Moist air, EIS, Coulostatic

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