As for the process of the electro oxidation of glyoxal to glyoxalic acid, the electrolytic result of either fixed bed electrolytic cell or varying current electrolysis was better than that of either flat plate electrolytic cell or constant current electrolysis. The average current density of varying current electro synthesis of glyoxalic acid in pairs was 1535 A/m 2 and the current efficiency were 85.3% and 86.7% and the selectivity were 93.9% and 94.0% for the anodic oxidation and cathodal reduction respectively. The initial composition of anodic electrolyte was 7% glyoxal and 8% hydrochloric acid (W/W) and the cathodal electrolyte consisted of saturated oxalic acid aqueous solution mixed with trace quantity of additive. The mass ratio of glyoxalic acid to glyoxal of the primary anodic product was over 40∶3, which avoided the separation of glyoxal from glyoxalic acid aqueous solution.


Glyoxalic acid, Paired electro synthesis, Fixed bed electrolytic cell, Varying current electrolysis, Glyoxal, Oxalic acid

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