Corresponding Author

Guang_zhou LIU


Electrochemical techniques such as measurements of corrosion potential,the polarization resistance,and potentiodynamic scanning technique were used to investigate the electrochemical behavior of 90/10 Cu/Ni alloy in Postgate C medium containing sulfate reducing bacteria(SRB).The results showed that the corrosion potential of the alloy changed from -0.20 to -0.75 V(SCE) when bacteria inocula was added, and the polarization resistance R p decreased obviously,which corresponds to an increased corrosion rate. The shape ofthe anodic polarization curves was drastically changed in the presence of SRB, and an active_passive transition was observed. Electron probe microanalyzer was used to investigate the morphology and chemical composition of the corroded surface. The results showed that the dealloying of nickel and iron from the alloy happened,and the morphology was spongy. Based on these studies, a mechanism of SRB_influenced corrosion of the alloy was proposed.


Copper_nickel alloy, Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), Sulfate reducing bacteria(SRB)

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