Based on the oscillographic characteristic of novalgin that incision can be caused at -1.2 V( vs .SCE) in 0.1 mol·L -1 KNO 3 , a new electronanlytical method, second order differential simple oscillographic voltammetry for the determination of novalgin was found. The method was applied to the determination of novalgin in tablet. The calibration graph is linear from 5.0×10 -6 to 5.0×10 -5 mol·L -1 with a detection limit of 2×10 -6 mol·L -1 . The relative standard deviation of the method is 2.1% for 3.00×10 -5 mol·L -1 novalgin.The determination results showed that the simple oscillographic voltammetry is a convenient method for its cheap equipment and rapid measurement.


Oscillographic analysis, Second order differential simple oscillographic voltammetry, Novalgin

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