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Zhong_hua LIN


A novel nanomaterial,zinc oxide (ZnO) and polyaniline (PANI) coaxial nanowires and their array in the template,was synthesized using anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) membrane as template.The morphology of these coaxial nanowires was observed with transmission electron microscope (TEM).The experiments on photoluminescence (PL) of coaxial nanowires and their array in AAO membrane show that the visible emission band of ZnO shifts from 530 nm to 400 nm and the luminescence is enhanced for the coaxial nanowires array in AAO membrane,and the visible emission band shifts to a lower wavelergth(385 nm) for coatial nanowires in NaOH solution. Possible explanations for these two blue shifts of visible emission band of ZnO were presented.


Polyaniline, Zinc oxide, Coaxial nanowires, Template synthesis.

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