Initial stages of copper electrodeposition on glassy carbon electrode from acid sulphate solutions were studied using cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry.The electrolyte solution was a 0.05 mol.L -1 copper sulphate,1.4~1.8 mol.L -1 sulphuric acid containing 1 mg.L -1 2_mercaptobenzoimidazole,Results show that 2_mercaptobenzoimidazole produced an inhibition of the copper deposition,probably related to the adsorption,sulphuric acid promote copper electrodeposition.The initial deposition kinetics corresponded to a model including instantaneous nucleation and diffusion controlled growth.Addition of 2_mercaptobenzoimidazole and sulphuric acid did not change the initial nucleation of copper electrocrystallization,it increased the nucleation rate and the number density of nuclei at the surface.


Copper electrodeposition, Electrocrystallization, Sulphuric acid, 2_mercaptobenzoimidazole

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