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Ren_gang ZHANG


The surface of spinel LiMn 2O 4 was modified by the sol_gel process with LiCoO 2_coated LiMn 2O 4 and studied by XRD,SEM and EPMA.The results have shown that the surface of the coated grains heated at 700 ℃ for 10h,which is cubic spinel,were Co_rich.The amount of Co 3+ in the grains changed owing to different place of the grain and decreased from surface to inner parts. Using the coated as the cathode of Li_ion cells,the initial capacity deceased slightly,but the amount of Mn 2+ solving in electrolyte decreased,Jahn_Teller effect was suppressed to a certain extent.The LiCoO 2_coated LiMn 2O 4 showed better cycling performance than the bare spinel LiMn 2O 4.


Spinel LiMn 2O 4, Sol_gel, Surface coating, Cycling performance

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