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Hua_xin LIN


The output power of the MCFC stack was 217.6 W under reaction gas pressure,0.9 MPa/cm 2 and utilization of oxidant and fuel gas,20%.By calculation it was demonstrated that the heat balance state in the stack was kept at 300 mA/cm 2 under the utilization of fuel gas and oxidant,20%.The current density in heat balance state was higher than 100 mA/cm 2 under the utilization of air+CO 2 mixture gas as oxidant and H 2+CO 2 mixture gas as fuel gas,40% and 60% respectively.If the utilization was increased in the stack,the current density in heat balance state would be lowered.If the output power of the stack was increased,the thermal_electrical efficiency would be decreased and if reaction gas pressure was increased,the thermal_electrical efficiency would be increased.


Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Stack, Heat Balance, Thermal_Electrical Efficiency

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