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Gui_lin MA


Using Ba 0.95 Ce 0.9 Y 0.1 O 3-α as a solid electrolyte and porous platinum as electrodes,hydrogen and oxygen concentration cells and hydrogen_air fuel cell were constructed,respectively.Electromotive forces(MEFs)of the gas concentration cells and I_V characteristics of the fuel cell were detdrmined in the temperature range of 600~1 000 ℃.The Ba 0.95 Ce 0.9 Y 0.1 O 3-α exhibited almost the pure protonic conduction under hydrogen gas,and a mixed conduction of oxide_ion and electron hole with oxide_ion transport number of 0.3~0.5 under oxygen gas.It exhibited a mixed conduction of proton and oxide_ion with the total ion transport number above 0.9 under the fuel cell condition.The fuel cell showed satisfactory performances.The polarizations at both electrodes were very small.The maximum of short_circuit current density and power_output density drawn from the cell were about 680 mA·cm -2 and 160 mW·cm -2 at 1000 ℃,respectively.


Ba 0.95 Ce 0.9 Y 0.1 O 3-α, Solid oxide fuel cell, Proton conductor

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