The cathode active material with low hydrogen evolution overvoltage was prepared by electroplating Ni_Sn alloy on the ferrous basic body.This kind of material can be applied in the diaphragm type of electrolytic tank to decrease cell voltage and save energy.On the condition according with cathode solution in the electrolytic tank(NaOH 120 g/L,NaCl 190 g/L,90 ℃, i =150 mA/cm 2),the overvoltage of hydrogen evolution was 88 mV.By the X_ray diffraction analysis,it was found that the structure of this kind of material was different from that of Ni_Sn alloy applied in traditional decoration.By using CV method to analyse the Fe electrode and Ni_Sn alloy electrode,it was primarily concluded that Ni_Sn alloy absorbed hydrogen weaker then Fe and favored to the reaction of hydrogen evolution.

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