Corresponding Author

Rong-zong HU


Linear sweeping technique and dissolving oxygen sensor were used to study the effect of dissolved oxygen and relating factors on the corrosion behavior of coalesced copper and stainless steel-206 in acetic solutions. It was found: 1. The existing of dissolved oxygen is one of the important factors, which strongly influenced the corrosion behavior of coalesced copper and stainless steel-206 in acetic solution. 2. The existing of dissolved oxygen is benefitial to the preventing stainless steel-206 from corrosion in acetic solutions, but damage to the preventing coalesced copper from corrosion. 3. At the high temperature since the dissolved oxygen was escaping the anti-corrosion performance of coalesced copper is much batter than that of stainless steel.


Corrosion, Dissolving oxygen, Copper, Stainless steel, Acetic acid

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