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Zi-jing LIN


With a coupled 2D electrochemical and thermal modeling software, the characteristics of the steady state operation of the intermediate-temperature fuel cell with thin yttria-stabilized zirconia(YSZ) electrolyte was analyzed. The parameters of I-V equation were obtained from fitting the experiment results and the choice of grid points was determined by balancing the accuracy requirement and computational efficiency. The temperature fields at different operation circumstances such as flow designs, material choices for interconnect, were examined. The dependences of the output power and cell efficiency on the operating voltage at different temperatures were studied. Based upon the analysis of the temperature profile, it is demonstrated that the maximum temperature and temperature gradient are both the lowest for the co-flow design, and are the hignest for the cross-flow design;co-flow is the best flow design.Comparing with ceramic interconnect, using metallic interconect can greatly reduce the thermal stress and the maximum temperature of the cell. The cross-flow design benefits the most from using metallic interconnect and its maximum temperature and temperature gradient become lower than those of the co-flow design with the ceramic interconnect. However,the output power and cell efficiency are similar for different flow patterns. The current density, temperature gradient, Nernst potential and fuel distributions at a typical operating situation are also shown for the co-flow fuel cell with metallic interconnect.


YSZ, Fuel cell, Modeling

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