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Yong_qing SU


The curves of the conductivity as a function of temperature for 24 kinds of solutions have been in situ measured both in the microwave field and in absence of microwave field. The results indicated that the relationship between the conductivity in microwave field (Lw) and temperature (T) can be expressed by an equation Lw=a′+b′T+c′T2 , similar to the one that is valid in absence of the microwave field Ln=a+bT+cT2. Conductivity in the absence and presence of microwave field can be linked by the equation ln Lw=A+BLn+CL2n.

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[1] FuXian-cai,ChenRui-hua.PhysicalChemistry(secondvolume)[M].Beijing:HigherEducationPub-lishingHouse,1980:40.

[2] JiangHanying.MetallurgicalElectrochemistry[M].Beijing:HigherEducationPublishingHouse,1983:21.



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