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Hong_feng XU


Treat carbon paper with 3% PTFE solution and dried in 340 ℃ for 40 minutes to enhance its intension, and level off the surface of the carbon paper with a mixture of XC_72 carbon black and PTFE solution. With those treated carbon paper as electrodes,recast Nafion thin film from 5% Nafion solution as humidity sensitive material, a solid polymer electrolyte humidity sensor was prepared on a thin PET film.Take the relative humidity data from several saturated salt solutions, the relationship between conductivity response and relative humidity was studied at different relative humidies.The results showed: when the polymer electrolyte was H+ type,the linear response of range was about 40%~97% relative humidity, and exchanging the H+ of the Nafion into Li+, a linear response range was from 10% to 97% relative humidity, the humidity sensor has good stability and reversibility in 200 hours,its response time is less than 40 seconds and its conductivity response is less affected by temperatures.

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