Corresponding Author

Da_quan ZHANG


A Mannich Base derivative (BMMCH), containing two morpholinum moieties and one cyclohexylamnonium moiety, was synthesized through aminomethy1 reaction. Its configuration was verified by IR and 1H_NMR. Its volatile rustproofing effect was appraised by volatile rustproofing sieve test and vapor inhabitability test. The result shows that BMMCH has good protection effect for carbon steel. BMMCH has lower volatility compared with dicyclohexylamnonium nitrite (DICHAN) via closed space volatile weight_loss test. The inhibition mechanism was studied by potentiodynamic polarization electrochemistry technique in ASTM simulated atmospheric water. The corrosion potential of carbon steel electrode shifted to a negative direction when BMMCH was joined in. It had suppressed the cathodic reaction and decreased the current density of anodic passive area.


Vapor phase inhibitor, Morpholine derivative, Mannich reaction, Volatility test, Electrochemistry polarization curve

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