The following recent studies on the atomic and molecular-perspectives atelectrochemical interfaces using Raman,IR,STM and quantum chemical methed by electrOchemistrygroup in Xiamen University are briefly reviewed. 1.Orientation,charge transfer and bonding of adsorbed molecules. 2.Adsorption effect,electrode potential effect and adatom effect on the electron populations and strength of intramolec ular bonds of the adsorbed molecules. 3.Detailed classification into various types(e. g.,competitive,chemically inductive, physical inductive etc.)of coadsorption on electrodes according to the above-mentioned effects. 4. Single crystal face structure effect and adatom effect on the kinetics and the mechanisms of electrocatalytic oxidation processes of small organic molecules. 5.Electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy(ECSTM)specially designed for reducing the interference of Faraday current of tip on tunneling current and observations at atomic-molecular level for Cu/HOPG and self-assembled LB film.

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