Corresponding Author

Bao-lian YI(blyi@dicp.ac.cn)


In this paper, sPTFS/PTFE composite membranes for PEMFC were obtained by impregnating two kinds of sulfonated poly-α,β,β- trifluorostyrene resin with different EWs into the porous PTFE substrate membranes. Water uptake, proton conductivity, mechanical strength and fuel cell performance of these two composite membranes were measured. Water uptake and proton conductivity were greatly reduced and mechanical strength was increased by composition in comparison with homogeneous membranes. Under the operating condition: T_(Cell)=80 ℃, P_(H_2)=0.2 MPa,P_(O_2)=0.2 MPa, fuel cell performance of the two composite membranes were better than that of Nafion~115. The fuel cell performance of composite membrane with low EW was better than that with high EW, but the stability of former is worse than that of latter.


Poly -α, β, β- trifluorostyrene, Composite membrane, Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell(PEMFC), Cell performance

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