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GUOXing-peng GUOXing-peng


The accelerated dissolution behavior of Cu-Ni alloy induced by AFM tip scratching and the inhibition effect of corrosion inhibitors were investigated. The results showedthat, with a tip loading of 750nN ,continuous scan for 30 min in a contact mode on 4×4 μm~(2) of copper-nickel alloy in 1.5mol/L NaCl and 0.01mol/L HCl could enhance the dissolution of the sample and produced pits on the scratched area. Adding inorganic inhibitors, sodium chromateand organic inhibitor dodecylamine, to the solution suppressed the dissolution of copper-nickel alloyinduced by tip scratching, respectively, by improving the surface passivationperformance of metal surface and forming adsorption films on copper-nickel alloy.


AFM tip scratching, Enhanced dissolution, Dodecylamine, Sodium chromate

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