The effects of ethylenediamine stabilizer on the deposition rate and on the stability of the plating bath for electroless deposition of Ni-B alloy were investigated.It was found that the addition of ethylenediamine greatly enhances the stability of the electroless plating bath.The electrochemical polarization including cathodic and anodic polarizations measurements were carried out to examine the effect of ethylenediamine on the deposition process.The results show that ethylenediamine affects both the cathodic and the anodic polarization processes.The oxidation current of the reducer and the reduction current of Ni-B alloy decrease greatly when ethylenediamine was added into the plating bath.The infrared spectroscopy(IR) experiments were carried out to investigate the mechanism of ethylenediamine on the deposition process.It was found that ethylenediamine restrains the oxidation of the reducer owing to its chemically adsorbing on the nickel substrate,which greatly decreases the deposition rate.


Electroless deposition, Ni-B alloy, Ethylenediamine, Electrochemical polarization, IR spectrum

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