Corresponding Author

Wan-yun ZHANG


A two-dimensional photonic band structure based on macroporous silicon with a gap centered at 20μm has been achieved for the first time.A medium doped p-type(100) silicon substrate was patterned by the standard photolithograpgy and alkaline efthing.And this pre-patterned sample was then etched 90 μm deep by electrochemical pore formation in the mixture of hydrofluoric-acid and dimethylformamide(DMF) to produce a quare lattice of circular air rods with a lattice constant of 3.8 μm and the very high aspect ratio up to 30.The optimized electrochemical parameters such as eletrolytical components and the current density were 5 % HF(by mass)+7 % H_(2)O(by mass)+DMF and 12 mA/cm~(2) respectively.the pore formation technique should allow the fabrication of photonic lattices with a complete two-dimensional photonic band gap in the middle and near infrared.


Macroporous silicon, Photonic crystals, Fabrication, Electrochemical-etch

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