The electroless copper plating using glyoxylic acid as a reducing agent,Na_(2)EDTA as a chelating agent and K_(4)Fe(CN)_(6) and 2,2'-dipyridyl as additives was studied.The effect of chelating agent and addtives on the polangation behaviovs of copper reduction and glyoxylie acid oxidation were analyzed by linear sweep voltammetry.The results mainly demonstrated that the chelating agent hindered both the oxidation of glyoxylic acid and the reduction of copper complexing ions.It has revealed that K_(4)Fe(CN)_(6)and 2,2'-dipyridyl(with the content over than 20 mg/L)both played negative actions on the oxidation of glyoxylic acid.


Electroless copper plating, glyoxylic acid, Chelating agent, Additives, Polarization

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