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In this work,the gold-plated mica was used for the substrate,the concentration of 5% of normal plating solution for the nickel was used as the mother solution,and the effect for the deposition by the brighter with ECSTM was in-situ detected.The solution for deposition without the brighter has no brightness,though the values of the roughness and the H_(A-V) have reduced in evidence after deposition;the solution for deposition with the complete brighter although has great brightness,the values of the roughness and the H_(A-V) have increased(after) deposition;the solution for deposition with the half brighter has a moderate effect on the H_(A-V) and (brightness).Hence,the brighter effect is not the micro-leveling effect,and the micro-leveling effect has no direct relation with the brightness.


ECSTM, Brighter, In-situ, Micro-leveling effect, Roughness

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