Using cathodic hydrogen bubbles as a template,the three-dimensional(3-D) porous copper films have been successfully electrodeposited from a bath of 0.2 mol·dm~(-3) CuSO_(4) and 1.5 mol·dm~(-3) H_(2)SO_(4),effects of deposition parameters including temperature,current density and additives(Na_(2)SO_(4),HCl and Polyethylene glycol(PEG)) on the morphologies of the deposits have been systematically studied.SEM results showed that both the pore size and thickness of the pore walls decreased with cooling the electrolyte temperature or adding(Na_(2)SO_(4)) or PEG into the bath when the other deposition parameters were fixed.With addition small amounts of HCl in the bath,the wall structures of the films could be profoundly changed by refining the copper grains and reducing the branch growth.HCl and PEG coexisting in the bath resulted in more compact structure in the pore wall.The cyclic voltammetry(CV) of electro oxidation of methanol on the 3-D porous copper films in 0.5 mol·dm~(-3) NaOH + 0.25mol·dm~(-3) methanol revealed that the current density peak of methanol oxidation reached about 100 mA·cm~(-2), which is larger almost 20 times than that on the smooth copper electrode.


Hydrogen bubble template, Electrodeposition, Porous copper

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