The electrochemical impedance spectrum(EIS) of ferrocene(Fc) at a rotating glassy carbon(GC) electrode and its interaction with calf thymus DNA in Tris-NaCl buffer solution(pH=7.2) have been investigated by using electrochemical techniques such as rotating disk electrode(RDE),EIS and its data fitting.A plateau of the limiting current for the voltammetric curve and two capacitance arches obtained at the rotating GC electrode are exhibited.The interaction of Fc with DNA is represented by the decrease of limiting diffusion current and the increase of electrochemical reaction resistances with the increase of DNA concentration,respectively.On the other hand,based on the theoretical analysis and data fitting of RDE and EIS,values of the rate constant at the formal potential obtained by RDE are consistent with those by EIS on the rotating GC electrode.At the same time,the rate constant at the formal potential decreases in the presence of DNA.


Ferrocene, DNA, Rotating disk electrode, Electrochemical impedance spectrum

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