Cytochrome c(Cyto c) was immobilized on the surface of the single-wall carbon nanotube(SWNT) by using the method of adsorption.Infrared spectroscopy indicated that the Cyto c remained in its original structure and did not undergo structural change after its immobilization on the SWNT.The direct electrochemistry of cyto c,which was adsorbed on the surface of the SWNT,was studied by cyclic voltammetry.The voltammetric results demonstrated that the SWNT had promoting effects on the direct electron transfer of Cyto c and also indicated that the immobilized Cyto c retained its bioelectrocatalytic activity to the reduction of H_(2)O_(2).This modified electrode might be used in development of new biosensors and the biofuel cells.


Carbon nanotube, Chemically modified electrode, Direct electrochemistry, Cytochrome c

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