Corresponding Author

Hui-huang WU


The electroless copper plating was studied in a bath consisting of glyoxylic acid as reducing agent,Na2EDTA as complexing agent,both 2,2'-dipyridyl and K4Fe(CN)6 as additives,focused on the influence of the additives on the deposition rate,as well as on the composition,structures and surface morphology of the deposits.It was found that adding an optimum amount of 2,2'-dipyridyl and K4Fe(CN)6 to the bath will not only improve the stability of the bath,but also increase the deposition rate by 100 %.The simultaneous addition of both additives causes the deposits to bright appearance and the change in morphology.The deposits were proved to be polycrystalline copper,in which no Cu2O was detected.


electroless copper plating, glyoxylic acid, additives, deposition rate, surface morphology

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