Corresponding Author

Bao-hong ZHANG


Polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA) based gel polymer electrolytes electrochemical double layer capacitors(GPE-EDLCs) were fabricated by an in situ polymerisatonal method with actived carbon electrodes,using propylene carbonate(PC) and ethylene carbonate(EC) as plasticizer,lithion perchlorate as surporting electrolytes.The ion conductivity values of GPEs were evaluated by AC impedance.The properties of PMMA-based GPEs capacitors were researched by impedance spectrum,cyclic voltammetry,galvanostatic charge-discharge.It showed that the ion conductivities of the PMMA-based gel polymer electrolytes reached to 3.7 mS·cm-1 at ambient tempreture.The working voltage of the capacitors reached to 3.0 V.The specific capacitance of the capacitor was obtained as high as 41.6 F·g-1(I=1 mA·cm-2).The equivalent serial resistance of the capacitors were just several Ohm.


EDLCs, gel polymer electrolytes, PMMA, plasticizer, activated carbon

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